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About Rev. Denise Fairconeture

Reverend Denise Fairconeture is a Missionary/Evangelist who spent over two decades ministering the gospel through evangelism, discipleship training, and conferences. She is passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel and working alongside others, especially women, to strengthen them in their roles as influencers in their communities. Denise loves teaching biblical truths and facilitating empowerment workshops.

Denise has traveled to several countries, where she has personally observed poverty and injustice. The impoverished conditions that she has observed overseas and here in the United States have caused her to have an overwhelming desire to help enhance human welfare. In the course of her evangelistic work, she has visited many countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

When Denise is not traveling, she works as an Employee Relations Advisor for a humanitarian organization called Save the Children. Denise strives to make the workplace a safe space by investigating claims of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and abuse of authority and advocating for a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Denise enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and church family in South Carolina, USA.