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IPLC-2022 in Dubai, UAE

IPLC (International Pastors & Leaders Conference) is a unique “5-day Leadership Program” designed for ministers from the third world in order to provide them with the opportunity to travel to other nations and be equipped and energized in the word by intellectual Bible scholars and global pastors.


Learn about Pastor Rashid's Ministry

Pastor Rashid Masih is the founder of International Logos Ministries, a Florida-based 501(c)(3) organization. He also serves as the senior pastor of Logos Church in Lahore, Pakistan. Beginning in 2003, he reached out to nations to preach the gospel and met many indigenous pastors who had never left their own countries. These pastors desire to go abroad, network with other ministers, and explore but no doors were open for them. 

Recognizing this, Pastor Rashid formed IPLC in order to provide opportunities for pastors to travel across the globe.

The first IPLC was held in Egypt in July 2021, with pastors from Pakistan, India, Dubai, Lebanon, Poland, and the United States in attendance. India hosted the second conference. The third Conference is scheduled for September 2022 in the United Arab Emirates.

Meet our speakers

Dr. Abraham Philip

Dr. Abraham Philip, president of Proclamation Ministries, has been preaching the gospel since 1986. He received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of fourteen in Hyderabad, India.

Rev. Denise Fairconeture

Reverend Denise Fairconeture is a Missionary/Evangelist who spent over two decades ministering the gospel through evangelism, discipleship training, and conferences. She is passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel and working alongside others, especially women, to strengthen them in their roles as influencers in their communities.

Dr. Paulina Quesada

Paulina Quesada is an International Humanitarian, Global Ambassador of Hope to the Nations. She is a Transformational Leader, Prolific Author, Speaker, Catalyst, CEO of "One Heart for Humanity," and Senior Pastor of "The Altar of the Kingdom of God," a Global Church without walls.

Pastor David Brett

David Brett serves as the Fellowship and Teaching Pastor at Village View Community Church in Summerfield, Florida. David graduated from Lee University with a BA in Biblical Education.

Bishop Henry Joseph

Bishop Henry Joseph III is passionate about church planting and making disciples. He has planted churches in Malawi, Burundi, South Africa, Lahore, Pakistan, and Jackson, Mississippi.

Request from Minister Denise Fairconeture for IPLC-Dubai

Connect to our host team

Pastor Ibrahim - Egypt
Pastor Aslam - Dubai
Sandip Sunar - Nepal
Sobia- Dubai
Pastor Abraham Praise- Nigeria
Pastor Anish Babu, Qatar
Frances Pierre, USA
Pastor Baljindra Masih, India
Rev. Samson Otieno, Kenya
Evanglist Haroona, Pakistan
Rev. Mana Naing, Mynmar

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